Welcome to TouchingTheVoid.com, the web site for Joe Simpson, mountaineer, author, conference speaker and the subject of the BAFTA Award winning film “ Touching the Void “.  Now also a theatre production in the West End, from November 2019.


From the African dust of the Boer War to the mud and death of Flanders, Walking the Wrong Side of the Grass tells the moving story of a young boy ripped from his idyllic life as a forester to seek revenge in the trenches of the 1st World War. It beautifully captures the innocence of childhood and the emergence of youth thrown into the brutality of war, a story of revenge which begins in a small Derbyshire village where the cotton mill has a horrifying past.

Walking the Wrong Side of the Grass is powerfully written, evoking both the rhythms of a rural existence and the unrelenting slaughter of the 1st World War with equal clarity. Accessible to adults and teenage readers alike, it ends with a poignant evocation of the atrocities of the first day of the battle of the Somme, fought 100 years ago.
EDITOR’S NOTE – If you appreciated Peter Jackson’s film, “They Shall Not Grow Old”, I think you will love this book.

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