Dear Students throughout the world,

You are probably here because you have to study my book, Touching the Void. I didn’t ask for it to be added to the curriculum, but it is there and we all have to deal with the consequences.

I hope you enjoy the book and though I say so myself, I think it may be one of the more interesting books that you could have been stuck with.

Initially I tried to respond to questions about the book, but there were just too many and there was no easy way of fairly selecting those who should, or should not, receive an answer. I have now found a fair solution which makes my life a lot easier, which is to say, “Sorry, I’m not answering any more questions.”

I realise that this may not make your life a lot easier, so here are a few suggestions: –

1. Read the book, you will find that most of the questions I have been asked by students are answered in the text of the book.

2. Watch the film. Most of the questions I have been asked that are not answered in the book, are answered in the film.

3. Ask your teacher, they are paid to answer your questions.

4. Google it, or get hold of some study aid.

5. Give up! English Literature is not for you.

Best wishes,